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Oracle on Amazon RDS with APEX listener

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Oracle on Amazon RDS with APEX listener

I’m in the process of setting up Oracle 11g with APEX and XMLDB on Amazon Web Services. I thought i’d document the process and what i do to get it all (hopefully) working together. Also, this will act as reference document for me when I do it again later this week.

So here we go…

Logon to Amazon AWS and choose the RDS section








Choose the Option Group menu option

Click ‘Create Group’

Call it anything you like I called mine APEX-XMLDB

Give it a description

Choose which database engine and version you are going to apply this option group to

Click ‘Create’

Click on the Option group Menu

Select your newly created option group

Add Options (if this menu item is not visible then you must be using an incompatible Oracle engine (SE1 for instance)

I added

  • APEX
I didn’t need Enterprise Manager, so I left that one out.

Now choose ‘DB Instances’ and click ‘Launch DB Instance’

Choose the Oracle SE instance type

Fill in the oracle database configuration details

If like me you never select ‘No’ in the multi A-Z deployment field, do it now.

Click ‘Continue’

Enter your chosen SID

Choose the apex-xmldb option group you created earlier from the drop down

Click ‘Continue’

Choose a retention period for backups (I choose zero days for now)

Click ‘Continue’

Confirm all your setting on the final page

Click ‘Launch DB Instance’

This will take about 40 minutes or so.

Ok, step 1 done.


Now for the APEX listener

Im using my local machine for this part, but you could start a new EC2 instance and configure it from there.


Ok, so my config at this point is:

I have an Oracle 11 RDS instance up and running

I’ve downloaded Apex Listener 2.0 and extracted to my local harddrive as c:\apexlistener

I’ve downloaded SQLDEVELOPER with the built in JDK

I’ve downloaded APEX 4.1 and extracted to the C:\ folder (to get the images folder) so I have C:\APEX and C:\apex\images etc…


Log into SQLdeveloper and connect to your RDS instance using the master username / password

Log in to SQL Developer with my AmAZON RDS MASTER username I setup when I created my instance.

alter user apex_public_user account unlock;

alter user apex_public_user identified by mypassword;



[Now choose a new apex admin password]

I typed:  myadminpassword

So now load a command prompt [Start button / Run / CMD]

cd c:\apexlistener

type: JAVA -jar APEX.war

You will be prompted for the name of the database server

Enter the Public DNS name of your Amazon Oracle RDS instance

Enter the port number of your Oracle listener – mine was 1521

Choose option [2] to specify a SID and enter the SID you chose when you started the Oracle Instance

Enter the name of the apex_public_user (I just pressed enter)

Enter the password for the apex_public_user

next choose the passwords for the apex_listener and apex_rest_public_user users (I pressed [1] to accept teh same as the apex_public_user

Click [1] to enter stand alone mode

Type the location of the Apex images folder


Choose a port to access apex listsner on


Now the server will start and you will be able to open a browser and enter :


You will enter




And we’re in!

Next stop is to get xmldb up and running.

  • Thank you for the clear Apex instructions. I followed them to deploy APEX using 1st the APEX Listener, and then WebLogic in an EC2 instance connected to an RDS instance. It all works perfectly in the Windows EC2 using Remote Desktop. But now I want to access the apex URL using a public facing URL from any browser. Can you suggest how I might expose the URL to the public internet? Or at least to specified set of IPs? And not use a VPC.

  • First, sorry for the long delay, had my head down building out the XMLDB repository and photo functionality.

    Should work as long as the Windows EC2 server is configured to allow the relevant port through.
    As a test, try turning off the Windows firewall and if that works, then turn it back on and allow that port through.

    Alternatively, maybe the security group you have enabled on the Windows EC2 instance doesn’t let your ports through. try adding to your security group temporarily and trying again to see if that is the issue.

    Let me know how you get on.

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