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Oracle Apex, jQuery and GIS integration

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Oracle Apex, jQuery and GIS integration

I recently needed to provide mapping functionality in an APEX app I was developing.

In V3+ of Oracle apex, you can create interactive reports like this


Now when you click the cog, you geta map icon at the top:

I added a <li> element to the interactive report on-the-fly using jQuery (depending if it finds a div with an attribute of ‘gis’ on the page within the report).

I’ve written some jQuery for the onclick event of the map href to loop through the displayed rows, looking for a DIV with an invisible attribute called ‘gis’.¬† I then assemble these into a GEORSS file and store it in a public locations. The href from the map then calls a page showing the map and settings its source to the newly created file.

In reality, the file is actually a CLOB stored in the oracle database, and I use the ability of oracle to call a package from a URL to return the clob with the GEORSS file from my database table.


When clicked, the icon opens up an arcview  GIS map with the current interactive report data displayed.

I’ve used colorbox for jQuery to show the map in a lightbox style pop-up window.


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