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Scottish Water Portfolio

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Scottish Water were developing a corporate Data Warehouse to consolidate the change from three authorities to one authority. They were developing way to integrate business intelligence between the three authorities with a single point of entry to the business’s information. Mark has a determined and focused attitude, and done everything necessary in his role as technical architect and team leader to ensure the project delivered on time and on budget.

Mark was involved as technical architect and testing team lead for the billing Data Mart his duties included –

  • Working with the business to ensure technical solutions are fit for purpose. Formulating technical solutions and building a strategy to see them though to completion. Ensuring targets are met. Developing and verifying analysis documentation.
  • Forming a test strategy for the various development and UAT stages. Managing test scripts and scenarios. Managing test results using established in-house methods. Managing expectations and setting realistic work stream targets based on test results analysis.
  • Creating test scenarios and building test rigs
  • Ensuring data standards compliance, working with data cleansing team on data quality issues
  • Challenging the business on every aspect of the development requirements to ensure future clarity and product acceptance later in the development cycle.
  • Holding development workshops where encouragement was given for ideas to be openly challenged allowing new angles of attack to be created for development bottlenecks
  • Forming a clear, focused and measurable development plan for the project. Building an Oracle development team and responsible for creating strong team-working environment
  • Producing and managing development work streams.
  • Main point of contact to the business for Business Intelligence technical solutions
  • Senior Oracle 9i developer using Toad and PL/SQL(strong)
  • Documentation of Data Warehouse with the help of PVCS Tracker
  • Reporting on development and test progress to the business
  • Analysis and design of Data Warehouse, focusing on the Billing and CRM Data Marts
  • Creation of Oracle database objects such as packages, procedures, functions, triggers, materialized views, bitmap indexes, custom classes and objects.
  • Performing training workshops on the use of the Data Marts and related tools (Informatica ETL, Business Objects, PVCS)
  • Ensuring Data Mart is fit for purpose. Meeting with the business to discuss requirements and recording use case studies
  • Analysis and design of Star schemas, and conformed dimension modeling and implementation
  • Performance tuning and maintenance of Data Warehouse, working closely with DBAs and testing staff with ultimate goal of a simple to use responsive Data Warehouse
  • Analysis and preparation of technical specifications documentation for ETL stage, including full and incremental loads scenarios and using the use of Type 1 and Type 2 dimensions.
  • Developed a Data Warehouse summary report detailing, in a page, the current status of the various Facts and Dimensions and highlighting changes and potential issues. Monitoring change thresholds and proving first point of notice to the data quality teams

Mark was responsible to the test manager for ensuring adequate testing was performed at the various stages of the project life cycle. He was closely involved as technical point of contact with the UAT team. He worked closely with the test team to ensure product compliance.

Mark performed most of the development and analysis for the project and produced full Datamart technical specification documents including, but not limited to Bus Matrix; Star diagrams; mapping specifications; usage instructions;  extensive in-line documentation; System and Unit testing scripts; logical and physical data models;

Mark’s previous role was as technical lead for the data migration projects which was marrying three billing systems into one brand new billing system. His main responsibilities in this role were –

  • Team leader with responsibility for 4 PL/SQL developers, a Business Objects developer and an Infomatica (ETL) developer
  • Preparation of test scripts for Unit testing / system testing and assistance with preparation of script and scenarios for Unit Testing
  • Working closely and integrating responses and actions from the test managers. Helping them understand the data and holding workshops with their staff members to allow them to make the best use of their testing resources. Assisted in creating a test scenario rig chained to a set Business Objects reports which allowed rapid testing of use cases
  • Analysis of business departments data usage, and holding workshops to both establish requirements and ensure better user acceptance through good communications throughout the project
  • Responsible for relaying progress of project to the business. Point of contact and arbitrator between the testing teams, the development teams and the management and other interested parties
  • Creation of development strategy and redundancy planning. Pairing of developers and testers, team building and generally ensuring everyone is aware of their duties and feels part of the team
  • Developing the most part of the PL/SQL code, triggers and functions required for the billing and CRM reporting. Assisting in the creation of reporting system used to deliver KPIs’ to the government watchdog
  • Working with government commissioner office to establish correct data delivery mechanisms and interfaces

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