Oracle on Amazon RDS with APEX listener








Choose the Option Group menu option

Click ‘Create Group’

Call it anything you like I called mine APEX-XMLDB

Give it a description

Choose which database engine and version you are going to apply this option group to

Click ‘Create’

Click on the Option group Menu

Select your newly created option group

Add Options (if this menu item is not visible then you must be using an incompatible Oracle engine (SE1 for instance)

I added

  • APEX

I didn’t need Enterprise Manager, so I left that one out.

Now choose ‘DB Instances’ and click ‘Launch DB Instance’

Choose the Oracle SE instance type

Fill in the oracle databaseĀ configuration details

If like me you never select ‘No’ in the multi A-Z deployment field, do it now.

Click ‘Continue’

Enter your chosen SID

Choose the apex-xmldb option group you created earlier from the drop down

Click ‘Continue’

Choose a retention period for backups (I choose zero days for now)

Click ‘Continue’

Confirm all your setting on the final page

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