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Oracle Apex Interactive reports URL filters

Quick post to remind you all of the interactive report url parameter filters available in Oracle Apex.

  • EQ = Equals
  • LT = Less than
  • LTE = Less then or equal to
  • GT = Greater Than
  • GTE = Greater than or equal to
  • LIKE = SQL Like operator
  • N = Null
  • NN = Not Null

Usage: http://myserver/pls/mydad/f?p=1:12:3318977423147915::NO:CIR:IREQ_INSIGHT:complaint

This code filters the IR on page 12 to only show insights with a value of complaint

If you want to filter a report with PLSQL then use the following APEX_UTIL procedure.

p_page_id in number, -- Page that contains an Interactive Report
p_report_column in varchar2, -- Name of the report SQL column to be filtered
p_operator_abbr in varchar2 default null, -- Filter type
p_filter_value in varchar2); -- Value of filter, not used for N and NN


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